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We refer ourselves as IT professionals with the business sense. We commit to provide solutions that you wanted it done yesterday.

AAbout Us

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We believe solving the core issue makes clients' business sustainable in the long run. It is always about serving our clients and making them happy. For us, we focus on doing the right thing and providing values to them as our responsibility and priority. With Aretas, achieving excellence is our only passion.

Who We are?

Aretas Solutions is founded by us, passionate gen-Ys in the hope of providing a change to the Malaysia’s IT industry as an IT service provider and to assist aspiring business leaders in improving their businesses through technology.

There are service providers who are able to provide great solutions to the market and vowed to fulfill the requirements of business owners. We think it is not sufficient to just providing that. We take a few extra steps forward by presenting solutions which not only solving the fundamental requirements of business owners but also to recommend the best practices in the market and prepare the business for the future. This is why we address ourselves as the IT professionals with the business sense.

Vision & Mission

We strive to be one of the top IT companies in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, bridging the gap between great ideas and practical solutions.

We provide top-notch IT consultancy services and practical business solutions to solve technological challenges and to create values to all our customers.


Offering valuable insights and knowledge gained over nine years of experience as a supplier for IT solutions, across various industries from financial institutions, private and public sectors to government agencies

SOur Services


Recommending solutions, which are effective, relevant, and potentially support long term business growth when the efficiency of operation processes are enhanced with the adoption of technology

Content Development
Content Development

Producing interactive and engaging contents to be used for marketing and e-Learning materials to achieve strategic goal in digital marketing and corporate training

Web & UX Design
Web & UX Design

Designing website which speaks a thousand words with mesmerising visual-graphical user interface that complement with user-centered experience

Web App Development
Web App Development

Providing one-stop services from setting up system components to developing web application and empowering users to manage websites using CMS

Software Development
Software Development

Delivering solutions via software-as-a-service (Saas) offers flexibility and scalability in operations, reduces operating costs and generates greater ROI for businesses

Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics

Enabling big data-ready system architecture design as part of the services for corporations to access to valuable market data through in depth analytics

Social Media Management
Social Media Management

Managing corporate social media accounts, marketing, advertisement, promotions or campaigns planning and execution while clients focus on offering their best products


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33-01, 33rd Floor, Menara Keck Seng, 203 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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