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4 Major Differences between Office 2021 & Microsoft 365

Having a hard time deciding between Office 2021 and Microsoft 365? Click to read more!

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3 Useful Microsoft Applications You Should Start Using Today

Do you spend most of your time using only Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Excel? Make your life easier with many other useful applications Microsoft has to offer in Microsoft 365.

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3 Reasons Why Personal Email is Not for Work

Many entrepreneurs did not think that they should pay for an email service for work, at least not in the beginning and this continues for years as business owners have been relying on it since the business started. A huge mistake that may cost them from catching “Big Fish” clients without even realising it. Never mix personal email address with work emails, your email should match your email domain.

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COVID-19: What Can You Do for Your Business Now?

When attending meetings or events is not an option, especially during critical times like this, where we have to resort to working from home, scheduling virtual meetings, ordering food delivery online or even refrain ourselves from handling cash, business operators are forced to change how they used to operate their business.

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