3 Useful Microsoft Applications You Should Start Using Today

Do you spend most of your time using only Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Excel? Make your life easier with many other useful applications Microsoft has to offer in Microsoft 365.   

 1. Microsoft To-do 

Photo by Pradeep from mspoweruser.com

You can set reminders for each task and plan a detailed to-do list for your daily work. What’s important is it supports team members to collaborate and work together by tracking each of the members’ tasks progress in real-time and sharing information regarding each task easily.  


 2. Microsoft SharePoint  

Photo by Jon Friedman from medium.com 

Microsoft SharePoint allows project teams, departments and divisions of the companies to collaborate and share files, data, news and resources instantly and securely across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Each SharePoint site can be customized with different themes and languages accordingly. Members from outside of the organization can join as guests to collaborate with internal team members of an organization too. 


 3. Microsoft Translator 

Photo from Microsoft Translator

Do you know you can speak or type in your language to communicate with others using Microsoft Translator? The participants will then see your messages in their own languages. Microsoft Translator contains more than 90 languages and supports text input, voice and picture translation. You can even listen to translation at three different speeds. 

Microsoft 365 Business Basic license starts from RM15.60 per user a month. It’s best for businesses that need easy remote solutions, with Microsoft Teams, secure 1TB cloud storage, and Office Online. Desktop versions are available for Microsoft 365 Business Standard and above. Contact us to find out more! 

By Editorial Team at 4 Oct 2021, 16:57 PM